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This Thursday night Johnny Ganta celebrated his birthday and we had a rooftop pool party at Al Barsha, Dubai which turned out to be quite mad. The setting was perfect. A few DJs, some crates of vinyls, some MIDI controllers and Macs, a pool and a jacuzzi, and a bunch of wild folks on a rooftop with good weather.

James Coburn got his decks, Kung Foo Panda aka DJ East gave most of the night some mean sounds. He really kept it alive. DJ Ahmed put in a twist of reggae and dub. Johnny Ganta and Adil Omar took the mic and bust some rhymes. I as the Phi played a live set with some electronica and minimal. Got some good feedback and glad that the folks tripped on those sounds. The night got fresh every 45 minutes. It was a real good time of music and people and the vibe getting organic (without any herbs!).. There was some more of singing and spinning. If you are scouting, check out the website for Stop Start Syndicate.

The interesting part and the funny part about it, which you’ll notice when you see the pics is that I’m wearing socks. Socks on my hands! The earthing was obviously messed up. It didn’t help that I had my dreads dripping coz I was in the pool before I got on to play. So it was shocking! :) Yeah, the only way to go was to wear socks.

DJ East is doing visuals for the Bassworx Crew this coming Thursday at Catwalk and that should be a good one to catch. So if you swinging by, see you there.