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Well, firstly we have this new site!! Yeah! It’s definitely more alive than the stuff that we’ve had before. You can keep listening to the music and still browse the rest of the pages. I also really liked the orange because I think I’ve got a thing for Neon!

Also excited that the new EP is almost ready for release. The guys at Micro Digital Records – Claudio and Pedro were working like crazy for the Boom Festival. And don’t we all wish that we were there too?! But now the tracks are mastered and we also have a mad remix from GUM. We’re just waiting for a date and then… Bang!

One of the things that you can really make use from this new site is the store. Yeah, built right in to it, rock solid and safe. The guys from Top Spin have built something that artists really needed. It’s gonna be super interesting how the world’s gonna change with stuff like this.

The cover image is from a gig at Traffic, taken by Joshua Das on Instagram! I really liked it so here we goooo…..