With two core members – Bhuvan and Amit, the outfit has seen a huge variety of line-ups to keep the music evolving in the live, as well as a studio situation. Different gigs have seen various avatars of the band. Sometimes they play straight DJ sets and on a different occasion the stage can involve an extravagant set of up to six musicians! The flavours of sound come from all the sensibilities they dabble in.

Good, classy, dance music is what we’re talking about. Techno, tech-house, dirty grooves, deep basses. Loads of beats are on the shelf brewing at all times. Tours, vacations, transfers and the bohemian spirit carry the people around to meet each other to plug in and connect. To put all in perspective, moments of deflection and indulgence have brought about a focus to create and perform dance music that strives to evolve and re-incarnate its spirit with each gig and each take. Phi Degrees is producing and performing to keep alive the birth of the continuum!

We’ve churned out fresh sounds in electronica with no real boundaries though you’ll hear a lot of techno, tech-house and progressive house. We like to take a unique take on a live set for each gig, trying to make each performance sound fresh. As strict as dance beats can get, we like to open ourselves to intuition.

Some gigs:

Sunburn Festival, Goa || Electron Festival, Geneva || Trilogy, Dubai || Espaco Marun, Rio de Janeiro || Global Groove Festival, Delhi || Blue Frog, Mumbai || Ai @ The Love Hotel, Delhi || Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai || Blend @ The Taj, Chennai || Fosters Art of Chilling, Bangalore

Some things you’ll remember:

-Played a live set just after sunset on the last day of the Sunburn Festival in Goa with drummer Rony Afif – Dec 2011
– A gig in Rio de Janeiro at Espaco Marun on the eve of the Gay Parade on Copacabana
– Tainted Buddah Records released the EP – Sew What
– Worked with interface developers in Geneva from Future Instruments
– Played at the Electron Festival in Geneva – Live Connections workshop
– Won the jury award from as a breakthrough artist to get the “Ticket to the Festival” award.
– Invited to play the pro final round of MTV’s Ultimate DJ Championship.
– Phi Degrees went international and played a slamming gig at the Trilogy in Dubai.
– The Sunburn CD featured their original track “Access Axis” on the compilation along with tracks from some
top international producers.
– Chosen to be among the top 6 producers in the country with their remix of Nadia Ali’s “Love Story”.
– Played a live set of completely new original material at the main stage of the Sunburn Festival 2010.




This was supposed to be a journey and not a mad rush to get to a point. But is it a trip if it ain’t reaching a place of consequence? The ride till now took us from looking at things around us to looking within.

Looked around and what did we see?


We caught them one by one and filtered jazz, electronica, Indian classical, rock n’ roll, funk, trance and techno through the looking glass only to splatter the electronica musicscape with a new sound. We just don’t get the variant to do its part- we are the variant that transcends.

The journeymen only added to the fun. Just can’t forget how once a dude just got off an airplane and rapped his way to a gig. Or the time when some got left behind allowing a new possibility. Traveling’s better when you move around with too much that simply can’t be left behind. The acts become more than the usual with sounds that result from the commingling of ideas along with the percussions, electric sitar, guitars and vocals that breathe.

We spoke the words, we scored the notes, we drove the rhythm, we moved to beat only to reach a place that feels like home. If the world’s a village then how big can our universe be? Only as much as we don’t want it to be. There is no end to our flight for boundaries that define cease to be when the stage’s set.

Pushing the barriers to hear what hasn’t been heard, traveling to see what’s not been heard, Phi Degrees is much more than a random act of methodical madness!


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Sorry for the long silence but here we are back again. And what better way to return than with new music. So we have have our new EP out and it’s called Troopers. It’s got two tracks on it – ‘Troopers’ and ‘What If’. Some of you may have heard ‘What If’ on the Soundcloud […]

This Thursday night Johnny Ganta celebrated his birthday and we had a rooftop pool party at Al Barsha, Dubai which turned out to be quite mad. The setting was perfect. A few DJs, some crates of vinyls, some MIDI controllers and Macs, a pool and a jacuzzi, and a bunch of wild folks on a […]

Well, firstly we have this new site!! Yeah! It’s definitely more alive than the stuff that we’ve had before. You can keep listening to the music and still browse the rest of the pages. I also really liked the orange because I think I’ve got a thing for Neon! Also excited that the new EP […]



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